Avisio LED

More than a lighting, more than a screen and much more than both combined functions, Avisio-LED is a lighting that communicates, in compliance with the chromaticity of the D65* standards of the IEC. A high-performance light  source and a multimedia vector to inform, advise, prove and relax… A real innovative concept to enrich and prolong durably the relation between the doctor/dentist and the patient.
Certificates of conformity


32 inch Full HD smart led TV
Display: 1920 x 1080
Image quality: 100 Hz
Input video: 2 x HDMI, 1 X DVI,
1 X PC, 1 X USB
Sortie Audio optique


STV system: PAL/NTSC
Video output composite: 1 Vcac
HDMI output: 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p24
Output audio digital: 0.5 Vcac, HDMI


Video resolution:
HDMI: 1080 p, 1080 i, 720 p, 576 p
Transmission distance: 20m
Frequency: 5.2 Ghz
Connection: 2 sources HDMI
Lighting: in compliance with the norms EN 12464‑1 and DIN 67505
Photo-biological security*: in compliance with the IEC 62471 Standards with the BSI950-1 Standard
D65 standard of the IEC*: in compliance with the chromaticity of the BSI950-1 Standard


Reference : AV/600/LD
Thermolacquered aluminium structure
Colour: silver RAL 9006
Lightsource: LEDS
Colour Temperature: 6500 °K
CRI: > 90%
Luminous flux in 1m: 2000 lux
Consumption: 244 W
Radio-remote control
Dimension: 1650 x 634 x 88 mm
Drilling: 860 x 440 mm 
Weight: 35 kg
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