How to choose the right lighting for your working space
Practicing as a dentist is considered by the European Standard EN 12464-1 as a risk profession for the eye health. A big part of the day, the eyes of the dentist have to focus on a very small operative space; they are subjected to direct glare, reflexion or contrast glare and are forced to adapt constantly to very differently lighted zones. As a result, an eye strain occurs which reduces their ability to adapt to different lighting levels and minors their speed of perception. Physical tiredness grows and reduces the nervous resistance: a reduced visual acuteness and headaches are the first signs that appear after years of practice, especially since those problems increase as the eyes' contrast recognition tends to worsen with age.
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NEW 2016

An exceptionally large lighting surface, a balanced spectral curve, and a double solution to dim the light intensity by Power Control: ORA, a new technological leap forward, by Zenium. 

ORA was developed in compliance with the highest lighting standards for dental and medical treatment rooms, and offers therefore an ideal lighting for the preservation of visual acuteness and the creation of a comfortable workspace.


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