Chrom NT Synchro

Color temperature at your fingertips!!
Bestseller of the ZENIUM range, Chrom Synchro reinvents itself with its color temperature variation from 4,000 K to 6,500 K

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Chrom. NT Synchro  complies with the requirements of the chromaticity in respect to the standard illuminant D65 of the International Commission on Illumination : its light spectrum enables a perfect recognition of anatomic details and colour shades. Chrom NT Synchro diffuses a homogenous and enveloping light sphere over the entire working space. 


Chrom.NT Synchro is equipped with LEDs that were classified in the risk free group according to the photo-biological safety standard, which certifies that a lesion on the retina caused by blue light is excluded, and means a perfect safety for the dentist and his patients. Moreover, its particularity wide illumination surface offers an optimum visual comfort. 


Chrom.NT Synchro draws its energy efficiency from its "Leds mid power" technology, which ensures a law energy consumption and a longproduct file. Produced in France with 100% recyclable materials, this power saving luminaire is a welcome contribution to the protection of nature and environment. 


Chrom.NT Synchro was drawn up with maximum care to detail : its concave forme and pure lines are inperfect harmony with its functionalities and intended use.


Chrom.NT Synchro meets the light therapy criteria that were set by scientists working on the subject of positive effects of lignt on human health. By increasing the intensity to its maximum level, a one hour exposure enables to benefit from the therapeutic advantages of the light.

EN 12464-1 -  DIN 67505
Photo-biological safety : IEC EN62471 - Exempt group
Conformity with the chromaticity of the sandard illuminant D65 : BS 950-1:1967

Chrom. NT Synchro

Référence CH/300/SY
Sources : LEDs
Color temperature : 4.000 to 6.500 K
Connected on demand
Consumption : 171 W
Luminous flux at 1 meter : 4 500 lux
Indirect LEDs
Remote control
Dimensions : 1538 x 635 x 113 mm
Drilling :  780 x 445 mm
Suspension by 4 Height adjustable steel cables 
Weight : 24 kg
Dust protection : IP50

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