The light-therapy

Guarantee of precision according to the professional movement, the light is also a source of well-being both at the level physiological and psychological. It is the principle of the light-therapy.

A method been attested by the scientific research allowing by exposures repeated to an artificial light, close to the radiation of the sun to find well-being and vitality. It is in particular the best way to fight the wintry depression. At this time of year, in most of the business offices, the level of light does not exceed 500 lux, while it can reach 100 000 lux on a beautiful spring day. A deficit which influences negatively the nervous system and then, the morale of the practitioner. For the simple reason that the light is the simultaneity of our internal biological clocks which give rhythm to our days, to our nights, the changes of season, the production of hormones… The lack of light presses on the body : tires without reason, disturbances of the sleep, lower tonic effect… so many disturbing causes which generate instability and badly to be, with sometimes, risks of depression.

light-therapy PRODUCTS

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