ZYO means shadowless LED lighting of breath-taking purity, a concentration of technology and power in the service of dental practice. Faced with new medical procedures incorporating video to assist dental surgeons in their operations, ZYO is the tool of choice created in response to their demands. Many technological advances are packed into this medical device and put to practical use for dentists seeking both performance and comfort.


Dental surgeons are increasingly adopting new working techniques that respect the body's morphology. This change is related to the increase in disorders due to musculoskeletal trauma.
When designing the ZYO light, Zenium has focused on video assistance for medical operations. Its success is due to the association of lighting with video, a combination that has given rise to a new generation of devices which stand out as a valuable tool in the dental universe.
The ZYO unit is equipped with a ‘Full HD' digital camera with a powerful zoom. It therefore goes beyond its initial lighting function and becomes a very precise diagnostic tool to inform patients on the state of their teeth. Dental surgeons can work indirectly via an LCD monitor, in an ergonomic and comfortable position, increasing their efficiency and productivity without fatigue or stress. They can also view operations in 16/9 format. This format opens up broad lateral vision with more information, and offers visual comfort for easier execution of tasks on the screen.
The fact of viewing directly on screen encourages discussion between the patient and the surgeon, who can easily explain the treatment required.
In addition, the fact that the treatment can be recorded and saved provides the surgeon with tangible proof in the event of subsequent litigation with the patient, and full documentation of the different work undertaken. The record is an optional extra.


The calibration of the LEDs in the light with the camera's CMOS sensor provides images of a rare sharpness, while accurately representing the colours of tissues and teeth. It offers a wide range of brightness levels, producing images with increased contrast.
The ZYO camera has a high-performance autofocus, giving stable images without adjustment. The auto iris automatically adapts to the light environment of the operating field. The camera has a wide angle field of view, allowing viewing of the whole mouth or zoom on a detail to be treated from different angles. The light given by the LED's illuminates the whole of the patient's buccal cavity, even in the case of head movement. ZYO is fitted with 6 LED sources, spaced to eliminate shadow, so that the presence of the practitioner's hands or head does not darken the area in question.
The homogeneous photometric output over the whole working area gives a powerful light, completely white and cold, free of infrared and compliant with standards.
The colour temperature of the LEDs applied to this light unit helps to slow down the composite hardening process.
The almost unlimited lifetime of the LEDs eliminates the need for maintenance, and energy consumption is reduced to a minimum.


One significant application of the ZYO light, is its introduction as an aid in training sessions and universities. All surgical operations can be transmitted live to a room inside the dental premises or outside by videoconferencing.
The live audio and video transmission of the dental surgeon's operations on a remote screen increases training efficiency and offers considerable time savings.
Since this teaching tool allows operations to be recorded, students have access to videos for their training and can and can view their lessons again.


The on/off and intensity variation of the light are controlled via a motion sensor, without any physical contact with the equipment, by infrared control.
Control is provided by a visual and audible signal punctuating grading over the seven levels of intensity generated by ZYO.
The handle is graspable and is removable part that; it can be sterilised in an autoclave. The camera, a tool that is visually and conceptually central to ZYO, is controlled wirelessly by a foot pedal operated by the practitioner, leaving the hands free..



The range Zyo no camera
Réf. Z0/X.1/U - Unit-mounted
Réf. Z0/X.1/P - Ceiling-mounted
Réf. Z0/X.1/S - Movable on ground
The range Zyo with camera
Réf. Z0/X.2/U - Unit-mounted
Réf. Z0/X.2/P - Ceiling-mounted
Réf. Z0/X.2/S - Movable on ground
Sources: 6 LEDs of 2 W
Consumption: 20 W
Light intensity at 700 mm: 32000 lux
Colour temperature: 4800°K
CRI: 90%
Spot size at 700 mm: (160 x 70) mm
Light variation: 15% to 100%
Light control: Infrared sensor
LED lifetime: 50,000 hr.
Camera: HD, CMOS sensor
Video output: YUV
Magnification: optical zoom x10
Camera control: wireless pedal
Compliant with directive 93/42 EEC
EN 60601-1 / EN 60601-1-2
IEC: 601-1
ISO 9680
Data Sheet