An exceptionally large lighting surface, a balanced spectral curve, and a double solution to dim the light intensity by Power Control: ORA, a new technological leap forward, by Zenium. ORA was developed in compliance with the highest lighting standards for dental and medical treatment rooms, and offers therefore an ideal lighting for the preservation of visual acuteness and the creation of a comfortable workspace
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D65* dayliGht 

Thanks to its LED Mid Power technology, ORA guarantees an exceptional light which is equivalent to daylight, thus fulfilling your highest expectations in terms of accuracy and tooth shade determination. ORA emits a homogeneous and balanced light composed of all colours of the daylight's spectrum, setting the best conditions for colour rendition, comfort and efficiency at work, while its indirect LEDs contribute to an harmonious room lighting.

Security and comfort

ORA is made of high performance LEDs which are free of photo-biological risks and of blue lights which might be dangerous for the eyes. The lighting is equipped with a high quality diffuser which absorbs glares and improves the visual comfort.

Ergonomics and environment

Thanks to ORA's Power Control remote control, you can choose whether you want to dim the light by yourself, or let the electric photo cell adapt the intensity to the room's brightness degree. 

The low energy consumption and the light yield performance of ORA make of this lighting a very eco-friendly product. 

Elegance and performance

ORA is manufactured with high quality materials. Totally dust tight and easy to clean, it meets the high hygiene requirements for treatment rooms. Its modern and refined design ads a touch of elegance and modernity to treatment spaces.

Lighting: in compliance with the norms EN 12464-1 and DIN 67505
Photo-biological security*: in compliance with the IEC 62471 Standards
D65 standard of the IEC*: in compliance with the chromaticity of the BSI950-1 Standard
UGR: in compliance with the EN 12464-1 Standard


Reference : OR/220/LD
Output power: 125 W
Light intensity at 1 meter:  > 2000 lux
Remote control: Yes
Colour: Silver
Net weight: 19 kgs
Dimensions: 1280 x 707 x 50 mm
Drilling: 1235 x 180 mm
Dust protection : IP50

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