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Unequalled due to its high performance LED technology, PRISM is more than a light unit, it is a multi-faceted tool, designed and manufactured by Zenium. PRISM, lighting par excellence with a major focus on safety and visual comfort. Practitioners can now choose their light depending on the operations they perform, for example, the colour temperature of their operating light, select the anti-polymerization function, or benefit from a light therapy session. These are some of the many advantages made possible thanks to the selective sorting of LEDs and electronically managing multiple source matrices and an automatic heat sink control. The PRISM light unit, with its compact and powerful technology, speaks for itself with a simple, sober design in an elegant material.
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Not posing any photobiological risk to practitioners or patients, Prism complies with IEC 62471 standards. Exposure to Prism light throughout the day has no harmful effect on either the retina or the skin. Thanks to its high quality diffuser, it absorbs led glare and gives a homogeneous light, free of infrared light. The Prism respects the user's biological process. 


For a long time ceiling light units have produced only one colour temperature, predefined by the manufacturer. Prism takes full advantage of its technology to reverse this trend and offer even more innovation. Practitioners now have the option of adapting this colour temperature to their operations and their visual comfort. Colour perception depends both on the environment and on each person's eye. Prism offers a controllable colour temperature range that can be defined by practitioners to suit their needs, ranging between 4500°k and 6500°k. They can therefore work with a hot or cold colour temperature. 
The aim of this technological advance applied to the Prism, is to harmonize the light in dental surgeries and operating theatres. Management of all the lights in a surgery makes it possible to eliminate any stray light that distorts the visual assessment of the practitioner, who will, at the same time, benefit from the same quality of light in the operating field as in the peripheral areas, while improving the contrast on tissue.


The light emitted by Prism is characterized by its excellent colour rendering index (CRI) which is comparable to the daylight spectrum. It perfectly reproduces the colours of different objects, exceeding 90%. This scale measured on the Prism tool helps practitioners to improve their diagnoses and perform surgical operations with precision, while reducing eye fatigue. The Prism guarantees this fundamental CRI throughout the colour temperature positions from 4500°K to 6500°K. 


The PRISM is the first light to feature a composite safe mode, for the working comfort of practitioners when using composites, Prism Synchro offers direct access to the cure safe mode with the remote control. The light spectrum emitted slows down premature hardening of composites.


The Prism design is based on simplicity of form and purity of line, giving a sober look and a sense of quality and control. 
Prism is designed in materials recommended for medical applications; anodized aluminium and stainless steel. This combination gives the product a smooth and resistant appearance, while making it lighter in weight and more compact. The unit is completely sealed, the metal surfaces act as a heat sink. This passive radiator contributes to the temperature stability of the equipment and ensures a very long lifetime for the leds. 


Prism is equipped with hundreds of latest generation leds. These diodes have been selectively screened for their chromatic quality, light intensity, voltage and CRI. The aim is to give a high quality of light from a homogeneous diffusing surface.
These leds are distributed between PCBs in accordance with calculations and measurements to form modules. The PCB on which the leds are installed is coated with a special reflective varnish which does not distort the light. To operate these micro-sources, the equipment is fitted with a control board. 


Practitioners' adoption of this new tool adds an ecological and environmentally friendly dimension, due to its low consumption and its clean light. The Prism led's are guaranteed for 50,000 hours of use.


The light is supplied with a remote control. This gives access to the different programmes such as colour temperature change, anti-polymerization function, light therapy mode or light intensity control. 


Guaranteeing precision in the service of professional use, the light is also a source of well-being in both physiological and psychological terms. This is the principle of light therapy.
A method backed by scientific research allowing repeated exposure to an artificial light, close to that of the solar spectrum, to restore well-being and vitality.
Prism meets the criteria of light therapy defined by the specialists who work on the benefits of light. This mode is activated simply by pressing the light therapy button of the remote control, the session is programmed for 30 minutes' exposure, after which Prism automatically exits this function.
Lighting: in compliance with the norms EN 12464-1 and DIN 67505
Photo-biological security*: in compliance with the NF EN 62471 and IEC TR 62778-Edition 2 Standards
Dust protection: IP50
*Certificate established by PISEO


Reference: PR/300/SY
Lightsource: LEDs
Power : 117 W - 234 W 
Colour temperature: 4500 - 6500 °k
Luminous flux in 1m: 2600 - 4260 lux
CRI: > 90 %
Driver: 4 x 54V - 1.5A
Colours and material: stainless steel, aluminium
Remote control: Yes
Light therapy mode: Yes
Antipolymerization mode: Yes
Confort mode: Yes
Fixing system: 4 self tightening cables
Weight: 13 kgs
Dimensions: 1494 x 630 x 40 mm
Drilling: 1280 x 560 mm


Reference : PR/150/TH
Lightsource : LEDs
Power :117 W
Colour temperature : 6500 °k
Luminous flux in 1m : 2500 lux
CRI > 90 %
Driver : 2 x 54V - 1.5A
Colours and material : stainless steel, aluminium 
Remote control : Yes
Light therapy mode : No
Antipolymerization mode : No
Confort mode : Yes
Fixing system  : 4 self tightening cables 
Weight : 12 kgs
Dimensions : 1494 x 630 x 40 mm
Drilling : 1280 x 560 mm
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