An interactive light for use in dental and medical rooms
Here it is Zenium has invented for dental surgeons is a ush surface mounted light of a new kind: Ka-Ray®. It is without doubt the dome light ush mounted the more powerful which meets the standards required in the treatment rooms and in the blocks of surgery. Ka-ray®Synchro offers an adjustable wide colour temperature range always with a CRI above 90 %. These innovations have become possible thanks to the quality of the LEDs and the management of their integration. This highly quality product allows the practitioner a decision of optimal tint, an increase in the contrast in the work area and a cloning of the light of their surgical lights or of their lamps operating rooms for a visual comfort uneven.
Certificates of conformity

Performance and security

The Ka-ray produces a luminous flux of 2500 lux on the work area of same place to 2m50 from the ground. This power is the result of a technological choice adapted to sources LEDs. Without risk to the eyes, Ka-ray meets the all photo- biological standards 

Perfect integration 

Ka-ray adapts to all the systems of false ceilings rail type, as well as plasterboard.  It is easily flush mounted and replies to all medical or paramedical environments for which the hygiene and the quality of the lighting is essential, it is fully dust and moisture proof, Ka-ray is aesthetic and easy to maintain.

A visual comfort

Ka-ray Synchro combines two colour temperatures, warm and cold colours, which allows practitioners to vary this temperature of 4500 to 6500 K according to the need. This advantage makes the lighting appliance more interactive, and may interact with the user to choose modes of lighting as the anti-polymerization, light therapy, or comfort mode etc

Lighting: in compliance with the norms EN 12464-1 and DIN 67505
Photo-biological security: in compliance with the IEC 62471 Standards
D65 standard of the IEC*: in compliance with the chromaticity of the BSI950-1 Standard
UGR: in compliance with the EN 12464-1 Standard

Ka-ray Synchro

Reference: KA/150/SY
Number of LEDs: 1456 leds
Power: 58.5 W > 117 W
Luminous flux at 1 m : 1250 lux > 2100 lux
Colour Temperature in Kelvin: 4500 > 6500 K
CRI: > 90%
Drivers: 2 x 54V - 1.5A
Cos phi: 0.97
Material: Aluminium 
Diffuser: Polycarbonate
Remote Control: yes
Luminotherapy Mode: yes
Composite safe mode: yes
Confort Mode: yes
Colour: White
Weight: 6 Kg
Dimensions (L x l x H mm): 595 x 595 x 80

Ka-ray Touch

Reference : KA/075/TH

Number of LEDs: 728 leds
Power: 58.5 W
Luminous flux at 1 m: 1250 lux
Colour Temperature in Kelvin: 6500 °K
CRI: > 90
Drivers: 1 x 54V - 1.5A
Cos phi: 0.97
Material: Aluminium 
Diffuser: Polycarbonate
Remote Control / Fernbedienung: yes 
Luminotherapy Mode / Lichttherapie: no
Composite safe mode: no
Confort Mode: yes
Colour: White
Weight: 5,7 Kg
Dimensions (L x l x H mm): 595 x 595 x 80

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